Recycled Steel Raw Materials Imported by HBIS Successfully

On April 6, the first batch of 2092 tons of Japanese recycled steel raw materials purchased by HBIS was successfully berthed and unloaded at the terminal of Tianjin Xingang No. 4 Company.
This is the first order of recycled iron and steel raw materials imported by HBIS after the country liberalized the import restrictions on recycled iron and steel raw materials at the beginning of this year.
After the standards were promulgated, HBIS Group Beijing International Trade Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Hegang International”) actively communicated with foreign customers, compared the domestic and foreign recycled steel raw materials market conditions, and comprehensively considered the quality of goods, prices, shipping schedules, compliance and standards.
After customer credibility and other factors, signed a contract with the Japanese terminal supplier Nusco for 2000 tons of imported recycled steel raw materials.
In order to ensure that imported goods meet the national heavy-duty recycled steel raw material standards, HBIS International requires suppliers to load the port by two inspection companies, Japan's SKKK and China's CCIC, to jointly inspect the goods. The size of the goods, whether the radiation exceeds the standard, whether the impurities are excessive, and whether they contain airtight
Strict inspection of containers and other aspects.
At the same time, continue to strengthen communication and consultation with the customs, follow up the shipment of goods throughout the process, and ensure the smooth unloading of the goods.
The person in charge of the International Import and Export Department of Hegang said, “The state encourages the import of semi-finished steel scrap, pig iron, and hot-pressed iron nuggets, and domestic steel mills organize the smooth import of recycled steel raw materials, which is not only of great significance to curbing the price of imported iron ore and domestic scrap steel.

It has also opened up new channels for the supply of raw materials for the steel industry."

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