Pre-Pressing Briquetting Press
Jiangyin Hydraulic’s Pre-Pressing Briquetting Press are more and more popular at home and abroad which has low cost , high quality and convenient
  • Introduction & Parameter
Every day, your manufacturing process produce loose scrap, like turnings, filings, chips and shavings, that takes up valuable space. To maintain a clean, safe workplace, our SBJ series metal briquetting press could help.

Briquetting your scrap can reduce the volume as much as 90%, making scrap more economical to recycle or sell to foundries. It also help you to reclaim fluids, like oil, lubricants and other liquids.

Jiangyin Metallurgy offers a number of press to meet your requirements. We offer free pressing tests using your materials. All SBJ systems can be automatic, allow for integration into existing lines.

For loose aluminum scraps, in 2009, we work out the new series prepressing briquetting press, compared to the old series, feeding hopper changes from 300*160mm to 450*450mm, and scraps will be prepressed. It’s the best choice for loose scraps like aluminum. Features as follows:
1) Big hopper, scraps drop easier. Some group long scraps will jam in normal model.
2) 2.6 times compression ratio, one feed can press 2~3 briquettes. Normal model need repeatedly feed to press thicker briquette.
3) There is wear plate in every place contacting scraps.
4) Closed structure, prevent liquid splash.

Model Nominal pressure (kn) Size of briquette (mm) Density (t/m3) Productivity (block/min) Output in one shift (kg/h) Total power (kw) Machine weight (t) Overall dimension (mm) Operation
SBJ-250L 2009 Φ100~120*(60~90) ≥2.2 4 200~350 18.5 6 2400*2100*3100 PLC automatic
SBJ-315L 2543 Φ110~130*(60~100) ≥2.2 4 250~400 30 7 3100*2900*3200 PLC automatic
SBJ-360L 3140 Φ120~140*(60~100) ≥2.2 4 300~500 30 7.5 3200*3000*3200 PLC automatic
SBJ-500L 3974 Φ130~160*(60~100) ≥2.2 4 350~600 37 11 3300*3000*3600 PLC automatic
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