Briquetting Press SBJ-315
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  • Introduction & Parameter
Every day, your manufacturing process produce loose scrap, like turnings, filings, chips and shavings, that takes up valuable space. To maintain a clean, safe workplace, our SBJ series metal briquetting press could help. Briquetting your scrap can reduce the volume as much as 90%, making scrap more economical to recycle or sell to foundries. It also help you to reclaim fluids, like oil, lubricants and other liquids.

Jiangyin Metallurgy offers a number of press to meet your requirements. We offer free pressing tests using your materials. All SBJ systems can be automatic, allow for integration into existing lines. We also do fully customization for you, including conveying, crush, collecting, lifting and other accessory equipment.

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Parameter Value
Name SBJ-315
Main cylinder pressure 3150kn
Speed cylinder pressure 240kn
Feeding cylinder pressure 80kn
Sub-cylinder pressure 230kn
System working pressure High 25Mpa, low 16Mpa
Host overall dimensions 3100*2900*3200mm (L*W*H)
Density ≥5.5t/m3 (Fe) ≥2.2t/m3 (Al) ≥6.8t/m3 (Cu)
Briquette diameter Φ100mm (changeable)
Productivity 4~5block/min
Briquette weight 2.1~3.1kg (Fe) 1.5~2.3kg (Al) 3.2~4.3kg (Cu)
Output in one shift 5.0~7.6t/8h (Fe) 2.5~3.9t/8h (Al) 7.7~10.2t/8h (Cu)
Machine weight About 6ton
Motor Model Y200L-4
Rated power 30kw
Rated speed 1470r/min
Power specs 380V, 50HZ (changeable)
Pump Model 100MCY14-1B
Nominal displacement 100ml/r
Rated pressure 31.5Mpa
Standard configuration 5m2 water cooler
Control system Siemens PLC control
Optional configuration wind cooler
cutting fluid recycling equipment
automatic out block device
Delivery One 20GP container could load one set
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